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TPU Nano Bag // "Inside-out" Dyneema®// 22g

This item will be shipped within 3-4 work days after purchase.


The "TPU Nano Bag" is a contemporary saddlebag designed specifically for cyclists using tubeless tires. This compact bag offers sufficient room to accommodate a TPU tube, multi-tool, and tubeless plug. Crafted using 2.92 oz Dyneema® for the exterior and 1.43 oz Dyneema® for the interior, this bag boasts an incredibly lightweight design, weighing just 20 grams. Its secure closure is ensured by a Velcro on the flap, while the use of hypalon (rubberized fabric) reinforcement on the backside safeguards the bag against potential abrasions from the saddlerails. Additionally, a 1 mm padding inserted between the Dyneema® layers on the backside provides structural support.


The “TPU Nano Bag” was developed in collaboration with the YouTube channel “Rides of Japan”. In his video, the “TPU Nano Bag”, the idea behind it and the recommended tools are explained in detail. Link here

TPU Nano Bag // "Inside-out" Dyneema®// 22g

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Shipping rates:

China, South Korea, Taiwan: Yen 1,450

Asia (excluding China, South Korea, Taiwan): Yen 1,900

Australia, Canada, Mexico, Middle East, Europe: Yen 3,150

United States: Yen 3,500


Okinawa & Hokkaido: Yen 1200

Rest of Japan: Yen 620

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